Plotkin Group LTD

The Plotkin Group is a private family-owned holding group, which is active in Israel and abroad in a variety of fields and industries.
The group's activities are managed from the central headquarters in Israel, as well as from the company's offices in Romania and Switzerland.
The family nature of the group is a significant factor in its activity, and enables it to forge long-term business relationships,
based on fairness, reliability and personal relationships with partners, customers and suppliers. The group's activity focuses on several key areas – entrepreneurship in the field of real estate in Israel and abroad, execution of construction projects as main contractors and as subcontractors in Israel and abroad, and activity in the field of venture capital investments.

The Plotkin Group carries out entrepreneurial activity in the scope of thousands of units in Israel, which is divided between projects in the field of evacuation and construction in which the group has many years of experience, the field of urban entrepreneurship and the Israeli "Tochnit mitaar 38"
The group enjoys a unique advantage of synergy between its various companies, which combine both self-execution capability by the company Nofim Projects Ltd., which has unlimited contractor classification C 100-5- which it owns, and the company Luban Resources Ltd. (a corporation authorized to employ foreign workers in the construction industry), which allows the group to control one of the most important resources in the field of execution, high-quality personnel available for projects.

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